Space Invaders

Breaking out from the space in which we find ourselves confined and restricted.
Looking at the “Invasion of personal space” as the influential concept for my design processes. It’s very much about the body and how a fabric might work on the body as a form of restriction or suffocation; reflecting the oppression of women within western culture. Focusing mainly of materials with a typical plastic quality to them, or transparent / translucent; manipulating the materials by stretching, folding, wrapping etc. to reflect the idea of suffocation and imprinting or pressing against the material. Using transparent materials against the flesh to create new imagery which reflects the idea of restriction, layering and encasing.

The use of projection to create visualisations of how my prints could be used on the body; creating a connection back to the human form after being displaced. After wrapping the body in plastic, the surface designs have been projected onto it with the intention of the light being reflected and print distorted.

Creating screen prints from my original surface designs onto transparent materials, using opaque and metalic binders; reflective of my digital images.

Creating new fabric structures and qualities inspired by the concept of conformity / invasion / trapping / encasing / suffocating etc.

– A restricted identity.
– Confined within society.
– Female Oppression.

Creating imagery that reflects the idea of controlling the body by having it bound in plastic (a constricting material) and changing the surface and appearance of the body.