Flexibility and Connection

An exploration of biological material; models from nature and history. Looking primarily at flesh, skin and fragments from the body as a basis for further research and design development. Exploring ways of up-cycling discarded biological matter; skin, hair, fur, feathers, flesh etc.The preservation of degradable, biological material, which embodies sustainability as a key aspect throughout the project. Using digital design to lower chemical impacts on the environment by eliminating the screen printing process. Creating digital designs based on my research and developed through a combination of photography and primary mark making; influenced by fragments from the body.

The use of projection to create visualisations of how my prints could be used on the body; creating a connection back to the human form after being displaced. Projection is an effective way of envisaging a print onto a surface without having to use chemical processes to create the final product. Integrating biological fragments with multimedia materials; reworking discarded animal parts; combining degradable elements with reused plastics and synthetic materials.
Cyclability of discarded objects; rejuvenation.

Taking the idea of scientific preservation into my textile designs. The idea of encasing degradable and biological fragments within a non-degradable material, which preserves it and conveys a contrast between the two elements.

After manipulating, disconnecting and reconnected fragments within the process of my designing, I have produced final print designs for digital print which portray the theme of sustainability through design. They convey, visually and conceptually, my main focus of models from nature and history; discarded biological material – recycled, re-made and drawn upon for visual influence within my textile practice. After looking into the idea of scientific preservation of animal and human parts, I began combining degradable material with non-degradable substances and materials; plastics, synthetics and resin casts; harking back back to the idea of connection.

Distorted compositions of fragmented animal parts; Hand-made textile creations focusing on the manipulation and re-use of discarded fragments, but incorporating other unconventional materials within the making process. Reworking leather offcuts around the shape of the body – relating back to the human form and textures of skin and flesh. Effectively, distorting the boundaries between animal and human perceptions.

The final outcome being a collection of objects and samples that reflect the theme of rejuvenation and reworking models from nature.